Coltar works hard to establish and maintain good working relationships with reliable, honest customers throughout Europe.

We work alongside independent consultants who visit each customer to establish their exact requirements, thus enabling us to offer excellent prices.

This means we have a vast array of outlets for material offered and can take palletised, boxed or split loads at excellent prices. We will provide all documentation, transport and issue any weights you may require.

The mains grades of paper  purchased are listed below. However we can also purchase some substandard grades and work with you to maximise the best possible price for you.


Best White No.1 Reels

Best White No.2 Bales (BW2)

White Heavy Letter (WHL)

Light Coloured Letter (LCL)

Coloured Heavy Letter (CHL)

Sorted Office Waste (SOW)


Tissue Grades

100% pure white woodfree paper, free from any coatings and minimal amounts of marks. This can be bought and sold in either reel or baled form either in full or part loads.

Lightly Printed Scanboard (LP Scan)

Medium Printed Scanboard (MP Scan)

Heavily Printed Scanboard (HP Scan)

Unprinted White Newsprint (UPW)

paper grade

Woody One Cuts (WOC)

Over Issue News (OINP)

News and Pams 70/30 and 80/20

Loose News and Pams

Soft Mixed Paper


New Printed or Unprinted corrugated case material.

New Corrugated Cuttings (NCC)

100 OCC (Old corrugated containers)

90/10 OCC (Old corrugated containers)

Hard Mixed Paper